Trumpet Parts No. 65 …

Variations of Trumpet Parts No. 65 Double Complementary Color Scheme

The die gave me a double complementary color scheme of violet, yellow, red and green.  The composition is cruciform. I find violet and yellow delightful to work with.  I don’t have the same inclination when it comes to red and green.  I neutralized the green.  After stage one (far left) it appeared that I needed a spot of red somewhere within the border to balance the saturated red in the border.  I added the two little half-pans of watercolor pigment.  After that, I felt the contrast in value was not strong enough and I added another wash of a darker neutral green.  Looking at the sketch on my monitor, I decided that it was better without the half-pans of watercolor.  The darker green balanced the red and the composition is better without the pans.

Eliminating the watercolor half-pans.

Sketchbooks and computers work well together to solve problems!

Sketchbook painting: Drawn first with ink followed by watercolor, followed by the magic of digital erasing.