Last week’s storm blew all the oak leaves back onto the gardens where the spring peas were planted.

Pea Seedlings Watercolor Sketches

The seedlings had survived the storm, poking through the dry leaves that perhaps had protected them from the severe winds and freezing temperatures.  The watercolor sketch appeared a bit too vague to me at first.  I tried to strengthen it by adding contrast first with a soft pencil, a bit too harshly, then with darker value watercolor.  I overdid it and attempted to save it with a few splatters.  I like the first version better.  Less is more.

First impressions

The puddle mixes of indian red and ultramarine blue give nice variations to the suggestion of earth and dry leaves.  Though you have to search for the yellow/green pea seedlings, they are there.

Sketchbook painting of pea seedlings: sketches briefly with soft pencil, followed by strokes of watercolor.