Trumpet Parts No. 72 illustrates the importance of  color value.

Trumpet Parts No. 72 ink drawing

When I had completed the initial ink drawing I felt that the area of the large circle, the bell of the horn, had become too busy. and the my eye was stuck within that circle in an attempt to find a path, or a rhythm. One solution was to simplify the area by painting the tiny screw parts the same value as the bell, uniting them into one shape. I could use different hues while keeping the value of the hue as close as possible. The plan was to paint the caps and key in colors with values that would contrast with the values of the bell and screws, setting them free to move toward the viewer as if floating in space.

Trumpet Parts No. 72 ink and watercolor

In executing my plan, my initial watercolor mix of the red/violet dried much lighter than I expected.  I applied another wash on top of the first.  The result was a darker, more opaque layer than I wanted.  In order to balance the extremely dark value of the bell I had to paint many of the other shapes darker values than I would have liked. I lost the lovely translucent effect that can be achieved with watercolors.  Though the final effect is not what I had hoped for, it was a fun exercise in problem solving using the colors dictated by the Color Scheme Game.