Trumpet Parts No. 73 is the first entry in the coptic bound, sketchbook I made yesterday in a bookbinding workshop.

Trumpet Parts No. 73 ink and watercolor

The sketchbook is made up of eight signatures, three folios each, resulting in ninety six pages of Rives bfk paper.  It is a pleasure to draw and paint on the Rives paper.  My next handmade sketchbook will be made using various hot press and cold press watercolor papers along with a few odd papers for variety and fun.

Rather than using a fountain pen as I usually do in my sketchbooks, I tried my dip pen with one of the sample inks that just arrived in the mail from Goulet Pen’s Ink Drop.  The ink is Noodler’s Turquoise Eel.  The color scheme is double complements, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue.

Here is a link to last night’s blog entry if you would like to see a photo of my new, handmade sketchbook. Coptic Bound Sketchbook.

Sketch: Trumpet Parts No. 73 (only twenty-seven left to go!). Drawn first with dip pen and ink followed by watercolor.