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Trumpet Parts No. 76, Reverse Color Scheme

I threw the die for The Color Scheme Game and ended up with Analogous With One Complement, Red/Orange as my dominant color.  I thought the middle box that weaves through the right box would get lost if I used a background color too similar to the purple in the other two boxes.  I decided to head more in the direction of double complementary colors (Yellow and Purple, Orange and Blue) keeping the blue high key (light in value).  I resist being restricted by a designated color scheme.  However, the point of this blog is to be able to verbalize whatever it is I’m doing with color.

I tried to fit my final color into one of the standard Color Schemes.  It fits, somewhat, into Analogous With One Complement except that the one complement stretches over into the next color ….. maybe it is Analogous With Two Complements, but not split complements…. Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!  I would rather spend my time painting than trying to talk about painting.

Then I was struck with the idea of approaching the color scheme from what it is not rather than what it is.  This painting doesn’t have any greens or cool reds (except that little strip of dark red in the bottom left).  Hah!  I may not be able to say what it is, but I can certainly say what it is not….. It is not Analogous with one complement using Green as the dominant color.  Maybe tomorrow morning I will throw the die and do the opposite of what they tell me to do.  I wonder if it works well for the reverse of all the color schemes.

Just another way to hijack the brain and challenge creativity.

Sketchbook painting: Drawn first with fountain pen filled with black ink, followed by watercolor.