Sometimes I’m nudged by work I find, or is suggested to me, online.  Sometimes I’m nudged by work I see at an exhibition or I found in a book or magazine.  Within the last thirty-six hours I’ve been hit over the head with input that screams at me to dig deeper, be bolder, take even more chances and to pull together all of my strengths, as well as my weaknesses, in both drawing and painting.

Trumpet Parts No. 77, Watercolor, 11" x 22"

To top it all off, I was given a large, handmade sketchbook, filled with medium weight watercolor paper and a tie, leather cover.  What could be a better way to start a new journey?

The work of Vieira da Silva first inspired me in 2004 when Nicole and I discovered her work in Barcelona.  Three of my strongest oil paintings are the result of her influence.  I have not brought that influence back into my work for many years and I never attempted to bring her influence into still life, landscape or figurative work; I only expressed it through totally abstract compositions.

With a touch of trepidation I take the next step forward, allowing myself to falter and stumble along the way.

The above painting devirginated my new, leather-bound sketchbook. I have to remember that they are all experiments, some succeed, some don’t.  Each page leads to the next and that’s as important as getting out of bed every morning.

Sketchbook painting: sketched first in pencil, followed by watercolor.  Color Scheme is analogous with split complements, Red/Orange, Orange, Orange/Yellow, plus Blue and Violet.

Later ……. the next afternoon ….. I reworked the painting, adding purple ink lines drawn with a dip pen.

Trumpet Parts No. 77, reworked.

I think it holds together a bit better.  There are definitely changes I would make if it were possible.