The contrast of the sky and the spring grass along the Wicomico in late afternoon is stunning.

Late Afternoon along the Wicomico River, 5″ x 5″ oil painting en plein air

I preferred the underpainting of Permanent Mauve to the underpainting of Terra Rosa for most of the Maryland plein air oil paintings.  The Permanent Mauve works better to suggest the brilliant light in the area of the Chesapeake Bay.  For me, the Terra Rosa only worked for the mid-day paintings.  Even then, I preferred the Permanent Mauve.  I’ll be experimenting more with variations of underpainting washes.  It’s great to get a head start on the mood of the environment with a quick underpainting wash!

Painting: 5″ x 5″ oil on gessoed birch panel.  Painted en plein air.