One of the first things we do in the Color Scheme Game Workshop is create a quick (fifteen minute) color wheel using any yellow, any blue and any red.  Students are required to bring only three tubes of paint to the workshop.

Color Scheme Game Workshop Color Wheels

The first color wheel is divided into twelve segments.  Using only the three primaries, a twelve hue wheel is created without too much fussing.  A second wheel is created by mixing each of the twelve hues with one of its near complements to get an idea of the range of neutrals possible.  The wheel above was created using Winsor Yellow, Cobalt Blue and Rose Madder (I love the unique aroma of Rose Madder!)  It’s obvious that three tubes of paint can give you a wide range of colors.  It’s fun to compare the different color wheels that have been created using different yellows, reds and blues.    The neutrals, of course, are limitless.

I encourage students to create these simple color wheels at home using a variety of different primary hues.  They can be painted directly in a watercolor sketchbook to use as easy reference when deciding colors to bring with you when traveling with minimal equipment and paints.  Cut-out templates for various color schemes are used with these color wheels for playing the Color Scheme Game.