The orange shadows in the Trumpet Parts No. 74 daily painting was a surprising success and gave me the courage to play with shadow colors more often.  When I threw the die and ended up with a split complementary triad color scheme using Violet Red as my dominant color I didn’t hesitate to use the green for the shadow.  Playing The Color Scheme Game helps me move past my preconceived notions about colors of objects and shadows.

Trumpet Parts No. 88 in progress

For a change of pace, I drew the bent trumpet part in pencil before inking it.  I wanted the sections to link up properly with one another.  I almost left the drawing as you see it in this first image.  The seed for another series is planted in my brain, one that allows parts of the ink drawing to remain unpainted.  I like seeing the skeleton of the painting.

Knowing that the urge to stop and call it complete was being nurtured by my fear of a green shadow, I forced myself to continue.  At this point I wanted to see what a violet-red trumpet part yellow accents and a green shadow might look like.

Trumpet Parts No. 88

I like it.  How about you?

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first with pencil, followed by ink using a fountain pen, followed by watercolor.