This post is for Frank.  I knew that if I mentioned that I didn’t like the end result with the stone wall and picket fence, he would correct it digitally for me and show me what it would like like without them.  I decided to go ahead and do the elimination for myself to save him the time.

‘After the Storm’ without digital removal of wall and fence

The Color Scheme is Analogous with split complements, orange as the dominant color.  I liked the patterns when it was just an ink drawing.  When I added the watercolor, I felt the stone wall and fence did nothing for the composition or the mood of the sketch.

“After the Storm’ without the stone wall

Still too busy.  The fence is distracting.

‘After the Storm’ without wall or fence

Much better!

Plein Air Sketchbook Painting: drawn first with fountain pen followed by watercolor.  Color scheme is based on the throw of the twelve-sided die: Analogous with split complements, orange dominating (Red Orange, Orange, Yellow Orange with Violet Blue and Blue Green)