Trumpet Parts No. 77 was painted on the inside cover of my large, leather-bound sketchbook.  Each time I opened the sketchbook, I was forced to see this sketch that gave me a queasy feeling in my stomach.

Original Version of Trumpet Parts No. 77

I either had to glue something over it or change it.  I opted to try a few changes before gluing old, torn dictionary pages to cover it up.  I don’t often such a negative response to my sketches.  I either like them or I don’t like them.  Rarely do they make me physically ill.

Trumpet Parts No. 77 revisited

I made one change, then another and another and another.  It turns out that the blue didn’t work for me at all.  A bit surprising since the blue/violet shapes had been my favorite.  Though I still don’t like the sketch very much, it no longer makes me sick.

Color is quite powerful!  Color combinations are even more powerful!

Sketchbook painting: ink and watercolor

P.S. Sorry Nan!