Though neither turquoise nor hot pink have ever been favorite colors of mine, they often find their way into my paintings.  During my twenties and thirties I resented their persistence and worked hard at keeping them from intruding.

Nicole’s Creature, a somewhat recent gift, made specifically for me.

I no longer resist.  The two colors, especially together, bring life, energy and joy into my paintings and I welcome them.

As I look back through the daily drawings of the past six months since I’ve returned to painting full-time, I see more inclinations from my youth having worked their way back into my art.  I’m grateful that those early seeds of inspiration and expression did not give up on me.  Instead, they waited patiently in a state of dormancy until I was ready to acknowledge and nurture their potential value.

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Black Ink, followed by watercolor.  Rives BFK paper.