For the last three years, my focus has been on understanding and experimenting with color.  Even so, I’m always open to new paths and methods to make that journey even more pleasurable than it already is.

Playing with Color Using the Color Scheme Game

For my own morning wake-up exercise I invented The Color Scheme Game and have been sharing it on this blog for about a year. In spite of the limitless possibilities using my game, I find it helpful to break the habit and try another artist’s approach.

I recently stumbled across Mastering Color by Richard Robinson in New Zealand, which is a great video painting course for any painting medium – oils, acrylic, watercolor etc – it’s all about how to see color properly and translate it to canvas. It covers lots of in-depth material in a way that’s really easy to understand. I totally recommend this for all painters who need better control of their color – and lets face it, most of us do! Here’s the link to the website:

Mastering Color Course

Oh, here’s the chapter list too:

1. Color Theory
2. Seeing Color
3. Describing Color
4. Value
5. Mixing Color
6. Manipulating Color
7. Color Harmony
8. Light Effects

You can watch the first chapter for free on the site:

Mastering Color Course

Morning Painting, gift for an artist friend who is always inspiring me to become a better artist ( I have posted this image before, but felt it was appropriate)  Where would I be without other artists to nudge and shove me along when I get into a rut or feel as if I should burn my brushes?: Drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Rome Burning Ink, followed by watercolor.