Morning is a great time to play art games before my brain is awake enough to be judgemental.

Variations to shift visual messages

I arbitrarily divided four rectangles into five separate shapes as shown above (left).  Playing The Color Scheme Game for each of the rectangles I painted the shapes.  For the second set of four rectangles, I copied the shapes and made slight changes in the values and sometimes shifting the hue slightly.  I altered the yellow shape in the upper left rectangle to create the feeling of it floating in space rather appearing to be in the same spacial plane as the blue shape.  I felt that the shapes in the lower right rectangle were too similar in size diminishing a feeling of space and depth.  In the second variation I made sure the shape sizes were varied.

Variations of Value

When you squint at the image on the left, you see that the value of the the three larger shapes are too similar and the shapes merge to become one.  You can imagine this being a landscape.  This may be the illusion you want.  Then again, it may not be what you want.  The choice is always yours.

Sketchbook drawings: drawn first with fountain pen, followed by watercolor