It never ends.  There is always one more handy tool to make and one more useful template to include in the Color Scheme Game Workshop Kit.

Wine Corks and Push Pins

A wine cork cut into three sections and a push pin work beautifully to attach one of the color scheme templates to the standard or custom color wheels.  The plexi-grid with contact paper to keep the lines from rubbing off works for both the half-sheet and quarter-sheet BFK Rives paper that I’ll be using for demonstrations.  When I work in my sketchbook, guides are totally unnecessary.  When working so much larger, the grids will help me to place the objects.  When drawing with a fountain pen in front of an audience I like to minimize disasters.  Chances are I won’t use the guides anyway, but I’ll feel better knowing I have them.

Marking brushes with enamel paint

It’s always a good idea to mark the brushes I bring to a workshop.  Now the ends of the brushes match the porch door.

Plenty of twelve-sided dice

Eventually these brightly colored, twelve-sided dice will be scattered about the country.  I like to think of my fellow artists tumbling out of bed, grabbing a sketchbook, pouring a cup of coffee, throwing the die, pen or brush in hand … and falling in love again with both drawing and playing with color.  What a great way to start the day.