Color value is as important if not more important than color scheme.

Before and after adjusting values with a few more washes of watercolor without changing the hue (color).

This morning’s Color Scheme Game indicated a Complementary Triad, two complements with one color equidistant between the two …. Yellow and Violet with Blue-Green.  My dominant color was Blue-Green.  In an attempt to maintain the blue-green as dominant color, I used a pale wash of violet for the background. The result was less than thrilling.  Curious to see how the painting would change, I created stronger contrast between the glass inkwells and the background.  Abandoning my concern for any specific color being dominant, I applied another wash of a darker violet to the background.  In addition I darkened a few of the other shapes in the bottles as well as the shadow shapes.  The result is a stronger painting that reads well from across the room in spite of its small size (5.75″ x 7.75″)

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first with fountain pen followed by watercolor washes.