Glass Inkwells No. 4 …

Basic Triad Color Scheme

A quick note ….. the moose has not yet returned.  It’s either having the time of its life or in real trouble.  Dressed in turquoise, anything could have happened.

As the trees begin to turn I find myself being pulled back to plein air painting.  My ink lines were looser, more free flowing like the drawings of musicians.  There are only seven pages left in my original, coptic bound sketchbook.  The next one is ready to go.  My intent is to fill it with plein air landscapes as I travel through New Jersey, Maryland and California over the next few months, jumping back and forth between reality and the color scheme game.

Morning Sketchbook Drawing: Glass Inkwells No. 4, Color Scheme: Basic Triad (Yellow-Orange, Blue-Green, Red-Violet)  I leaned more toward yellow than Orange. Drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Black Ink, followed by watercolor