A quick demonstration for the ladies who attended the workshop at Village Arts Supply in Santa Rosa on Novemeber 3, 2012  ……

Eye Dropper

I started off with a simple contour drawing in permanent, fine tip marker.  Next I demonstrated how to lay down a wash by “pushing the puddle” of watercolor.  The key is to keep the puddle moving downward while the paper is slightly tipped toward you, turning the paper when you need to work around a corner.  When you reach the bottom, carefully wick away the puddle, drying your brush quickly on a paper towel or sponge between wickings.  Do not touch the surface of the paper with the brush, only the puddle itself.  Let the paper dry at a slant so the paint doesn’t move back onto a dry area.

Demonstration Painting:  “Eye Dropper” – drawn first with fine tip Sharpie marker, followed by watercolor.

Color Scheme: Analogous with Split Complements:  Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green with Red and Violet.