On my way to collect fresh eggs I found pieces of a chicken on the driveway.  In the middle of bones, flesh and feathers, I found the skull of a turkey vulture.  I think it odd that no other parts of the vulture were in sight.  Naturally, along with two dozen fresh eggs, I brought home the skull.

Turkey Vulture Skull, two views

Playing the Color Scheme Game, I threw Complementary Colors of Yellow and Violet.  I used neutrals for the bones.  I am fascinated by the inside of the skull.  It is similar to a turtle shell, a bridgework of bone looking like a spinal network fused against the inside of the uppermost portion of the skull.  I wonder what happened to this vulture, where the rest of it ended up, and why it was lying, cleaned of all flesh and brains, in the midst of a freshly killed chicken.

Sketchbook Drawing:  Turkey Vulture Skull seen from two viewpoints. Drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Whaleman’s sepia, followed by watercolor.

Color Scheme: Complementary Colors

Dominant Color: Yellow