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Every now and again I will post this reminder. I no longer post to this blog on a regular basis.  Because there is so much useful information on this Creative Color blog, I am keeping it live on the internet and will link to it on occasion.  I now post to my blog on ExploreWithChrisCarter.com where you will find fabulous online courses, free videos and a plethora of great information about watercolor techniques, travel sketching, living a creative life and seeing the world as an artist.

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To view my art, visit ChrisCarterArt.com.

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Recently, I’ve added Mini courses to the online options.  These short classes, that also present a project for you to create, are available on both Skillshare and ExploreWithChrisCarter.

Anything specific you would like to know more about? … a technique? … a tool? packing light for travel?  Please let me know.

Happy sketching, drawing and painting!

Chris Carter

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Kathleen adores these colors.  I thought it only right to paint her tea kettle using her favorite colors.  After all, what are birthdays for?

Kathleen's Tea Kettle

It’s the cantaloupe and the honeydew colors that she loves, colors of the sixties.  I added the red for my own pleasure.  I learned how powerful and beautiful red can be when Kathleen decorated her room in Germany with reds and purples.  This painting is a tribute to a friendship that has lasted fifty-nine years and is still growing stronger.  The pleasure of color is wonderful to share with one another.

Painting: drawn first with fountain pen filled with black ink, followed by watercolor in a somewhat Complementary Triad Color Scheme of red, green and orange.