Sample paintings of Analogous with One Complement Color Schemes (with some variations).  The first throw of the die in The Color Scheme Game determines the color scheme, the Second Throw determines the Dominant Color.  Sometimes I have bent the rules.

Family Treasures No. 26, Pottery Coffee Cups

Family Treasures No. 26, Pottery Coffee Cups from Peru – Analogous with One Complement.  Dominant Color: Yellow-Green

Colors:  Green, Yellow-Green, Yellow and Red-Violet)

Buddleia or Butterfly Bush

Buddleia or Butterfly Bush – Analogous with near complement, Yellow/Green, Green, Blue/Green with Red/Violet.

Trumpet Parts No. 91

Trumpet Parts No. 91 – Red /Violet is the dominant color.  I opted to include the two cooler hues to the left of Red / Violet rather than work toward the warmer Red / Orange.

Abstract Farm Landscape, Watercolor

Analogous with one complement: Yellow/Orange, Orange, Red with Violet

Trumpet Parts No. 75, ink, water and watercolor

Analogous with one complement: Colors are yellow/green, yellow, yellow/orange and purple.  Dominant color is Yellow

V.D. King, Blues Musician

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Portrait of V.d. King, Blues Musician, painted during weekly Blues Jam at the Grisly Pear in NYC. Turns out to be an extended analogous color scheme with one complement. (Yellow/Orange, Orange, Red/Oreange, Red, Red/Violet with Blue/Green as the one complement)

Trumpet Parts No. 35

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Trumpet Parts No. 35 Analogous with One Complement Color Scheme ( Blue/Violet, Blue, Red/Violet and Yellow)

Trumpet Parts No. 50, Yellow/Orange added

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This painting was originally an Analogous Color Scheme Painting. I wanted to see how it changed by adding a complement, Yellow/Orange. To see the original version of the painting view the Analogous Color Scheme painting samples.

Trumpet Parts No. 41

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Trumpet Parts No. 41, Analogous Color Scheme with One Complement (Blue/Violet, Blue, Violet with Orange/Yellow)


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