Sample paintings of Complements Color Schemes (with some variations).  The first throw of the die in The Color Scheme Game determines the color scheme, the Second Throw determines the Dominant Color.  Sometimes I have bent the rules.

Rooting Oxalis in Ball Jar

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Rooting Oxalis in Ball Jar – Complements Red/Violet and Green/Yellow

Trumpet Parts No. 74. Ink, water and watercolor

Trumpet Parts No. 74 – Complements, blue and orange

3 Responses to “Color Scheme Game Sample Paintings, Complements”

  1. Sue Says:

    I guess I am tired tonight. So with complements, I roll the dice and it rolls on blue so my color scheme is blue and orange. How do I figure with the roll of the dice which is the dominant color? I take it I will pick the blue or orange or
    Will this be a different color? I don’t know owl the rolls of the dice
    Work. Help!

    1. Chris Carter Says:


      The second roll of the dice determines the dominant color as follows: (1) = Yellow, (2) = Yellow/Green, (3) = Green, (4) = Green/Blue, (5) = Blue, (6) = Blue/Violet, (7) = Violet, (8) = Violet/Red, (9) = Red, (10) = Red/Orange, (11) = Orange, (12) = Orange/Yellow. The rules are posted here: …. for future reference. Have fun! Let me know how you like it.


    2. Chris Carter Says:

      Sorry Sue, I didn’t really answer your question. Here’s how you play…..
      You roll the dice once. Let’s say you roll an eight. That means that your color scheme will be a Basic Triad. To determine which basic triad it will be, you throw the dice again. This time you roll a five which indicates that one of the three colors will be Blue and that Blue will be your dominant color. When you look at your color wheel you see that for a basic triad that includes blue, your other two colors will be yellow and red.

      The only way you can roll a color scheme of Complements is if you are using a twelve-sided die. It’s impossible to roll a “one” when you are using two dice.

      Generally, I use the second roll of the die simply to obtain one of the colors in the color scheme. I don’t always use that color as the dominant. Flexibility and pleasure are important if you plan on making the game a daily practice. The whole point of the game is to obtain a better understanding of color and to have fun while you’re learning.

      I hope this answers your question. Let me know if it doesn’t.

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