Sample paintings of Double Split Complements Color Schemes (with some variations).  The first throw of the die in The Color Scheme Game determines the color scheme, the Second Throw determines the Dominant Color.  Sometimes I have bent the rules.

Family Treasures No. 23, Wooden Scribe and Squares

My colors were Blue-Violet, Yellow-Orange, Red-Violet and Yellow-Green.  I neutralized all of them, bringing them closer to browns and grays, but keeping in mind the original hue.  I wanted to stay closer to the nature of the metal and wood of my father’s scribe and squares.

Family Treasures No. 25, Wooden Scribe and Metal Scale

Family Treasures No. 25 – Blue/Violet, Yellow/Orange, Blue, Orange.  I did not skip a hue between the sets of complements.

Trumpet Parts No. 48

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Trumpet Parts No. 48, Ink and Watercolor. Double Complement Color Scheme (Yellow/Violet and Yellow-Green/Red-Violet). Rather than skip a color between pairs I threw the die twice to determine each set of complementary colors.


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