Sample paintings of Modified Triad Color Schemes (with some variations).  The first throw of the die in The Color Scheme Game determines the color scheme, the Second Throw determines the Dominant Color.  Sometimes I have bent the rules.

En Plein Air Landscape, Oil Painting 14" x 14" on birch panel "Backyard Hedgerow" April 17, 2012

Modified Triad: Cool Greens, Warm violets, Blues.  Plein Air oil painting, landscape.

Rooting Oxalis

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Ink and Watercolor – Modified Triad (Red, Orange, Yellow). Just two tiny specks of pure red in the upper left quadrant. The painting looks more like an analogous color scheme. I liked the direction it was heading. I took liberties with the color scheme.

Trumpet Parts No. 47

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Trumpet Parts No. 47, Modified Triad Color Scheme (Red, Orange, Yellow). I find this one difficult because all three colors are warm and all three colors fall on the top half of the value scale range.

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