My 1988 K-car getting a new oxygen sensor


I am fortunate to have always had friends who are able and willing to work on the out-of-date cars that have been my good fortune, maybe, to claim as my transportation in addition to my bicycle.  This little beauty, a Reliant more commonly known as a K-car, with its peeling paint and saber-toothed fenders has been testing my loyalty lately.  After multiple surgeries of sorts it went from a wonderful 26 miles per gallon to a miserable 15 miles per gallon.  This morning it received, what we hope will be, the final replacement part (for the time) to return it to its more acceptable mileage per gallon.

When I asked Luke how long it might be on the lift, he told me between 15 and 20 minutes.  How wonderful to have absolutely no time to fuss and get picky with a painting.  I pulled my chair out of the trunk and grabbed my cigar box easel/paint box before the car went up on the lift.  Twenty minutes later, the car came down and the painting went into the box and back into the car.  The painting is 5″ x 8″.  Below is a photo of my little plaid box.

I used a very limited palette: Titanium white, cadmium yellow pale, alizaring crimson and ultramarine blue.


Paint box / easel