Last stage of needlepoint jacket.  Maria’s father purchased three blues for the sky giving him the range of light, medium and medium/dark values to work with.  I had not broken the sky down into specific shapes for him as I did the butterflies and coneflowers.

All but the sky

One of the consideration in designing this pattern is the fact that Maria’s dad is color blind.  I am curious to know if that also limits his ability to discern values.  Does anyone know?

I agreed to redesign the sky, breaking it down into specific shapes for each of his three blues. Fortunately, he sent me a photo of his threads.

Medium dark, medium and light value blue thread

I created a color comp for him with the new sky design, then realized that it might not be that helpful to him if he can’t discern the differences in the colors and/or values.  To make it a bit easier, I redrew the design using vertical and horizontal lines to differentiate between the value shapes.

Value shape design for blue sky with clouds

I hope it works out.