Same Town Branch bourbon bottle, different color scheme.  This time the color scheme is analogous complements.

Town Branch Bourbon Whiskey from Kentucky

The dominant color is yellow/orange.  The analogous complements are blue, blue/purple and purple.  I started with a simple shape/value pencil sketch.

Preliminary pencil sketch

The painting became murky along the way.  The sketchbook paper is extremely thin and doesn’t accept watercolor easily.  I became side-tracked by the paper and lost sight of my basic shapes and values.  To pull it back I strengthened the mix of paint in the dark shapes and added a bit of white gouache to try pulling back some light shapes.  Though muddy, the composition is stronger than it was when I wandered too far from my little pencil sketch.

As promised, I will post the Game Rules soon.  Top priority today is to do my taxes…… grrrrrrrr.

Sketchbook painting: drawn first with Carbon Pencil followed by too many layers of watercolor and gouache.