The larger palette worked well for pre-mixing my colors during my recent visit to Maryland.

Painting en plein air at Muddy Hole Creek, Tyaskin, MD

I secured the palette to the easel’s palette shelf with bungee cords and clamps.

Palette secured to easel palette shelf

When it started to rain, it was easy to disassemble and pack back into the car.

A minimal setup

After a short shower, I went back to painting, using only a chair and the ground.  Both setups worked well.

Set up along Muddy Hole Road, Tyaskin, Maryland

I set the palette up to be to the right, not directly below my canvas.  Though I scrape the palette after each session, I don’t clean it with turpentine as I used to do.  It is helpful to have hints of other color mixtures still on the palette to judge my new mixtures against both for hue as well as for value, especially if I am trying to mix a color from the previous day.

Broad Creek along Muddy Hole Road, Tyaskin, MD

I was able to mix better colors for the marsh grasses at Broad Creek by comparing them to the colors on the stained palette.  My Richard Schmid Color Charts are indispensable when painting in a new area.

Painting: en plein air oil painting, 6″ x 12″ on canvas.