A trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens provided a perfect opportunity to test my Peerless Watercolor Papers.

Typhonodorum Lindleyanum

It is difficult to say anything negative about these easily transportable watercolor papers. I am spoiled by the ease of flow and coverage I can achieve using tube watercolor pigments and find the lack of flow a bit frustrating.  The Peerless Papers require a different technique which I will explore over the next few months.  The Peerless colors are beautifully vibrant and well worth spending the time to learn how to manipulate them successfully.

The only place to sit was a low cement wall, four feet long, across from a giant Typhonodorum Lindleyanum.  The edges of the leaf were yellow, tinged with orange.  The color turned to green and ultimately to a dark blue-green as the leaf met the stem, a perfect analogous color scheme.

Sketch: drawn first with fountain pen followed by washes of Peerless Watercolor Papers using a Kuretake Water Brush.