Trumpet Parts No. 29 and No. 30 needed help.  Perhaps a collaboration between the two might find a solution to the problem of poor value distribution and design.

Trumpet Parts No. 29, No.30, No.31

Left  … No.29, Center …. No. 30, Right …. No. 31

I drew a somewhat careful contour drawing with a fountain pen. I threw the dice, came up with a Triad Color Scheme, and chose Yellow-Orange, Blue-Green and Red-Violet.  The values didn’t work as I wanted them to and the sketchbook paper is too thin to withstand significant alterations.  Turning the page, I started again, trying something totally different and still trying to get my mind free from laboring over my tax preparations.  I needed a small orange shape in the bottom left quadrant, but again, couldn’t make that change on the thin paper.

Trumpet Parts No. 31

With nothing to lose, I ripped up No. 29 and collaged it on top of No. 30.  The resulting, abstract image, No. 31,  has movement and vitality that the other two images are lacking.  For those of you who have been following my commitment to complete all of my uncompleted sketchbooks before treating myself to a new one, Trumpet Parts No. 31 completes another sketchbook!

Images:  Ink and watercolor sketches, torn paper and double-sided tape.