It is predicted that it will reach 80 degrees today.  That breaks all records for the month of March.  Right now, fog surrounds my house.

The morning fog as it drenched the hedgerow, trees covered in early spring buds, gave me one more opportunity to attempt painting the lace-like patterns of the pin oak branches just outside my back door.  Winter is over and I’ve not figured out how to depict those slender, leafless branches at the outer edges of the tree.  Using my dip pen to add ink to the branches that I originally painted over the foggy hedgerow in a darker value watercolor gave me the look I wanted.  I wanted a strong contrast between the branches close to the house and the hedgerow in the distance.  I hadn’t painted the edges dark enough or hard enough with my rigger brush.  The dip pen was a perfect solution, allowing the watercolor to show through the thicker branches.

Sketchbook painting: Sketched lightly in pencil, painted in watercolor, followed by dip pen using Noodler’s Nightshade Ink.

'Chrysalis', Texture, Movement, Edges, Dominant Elements

The suggested rules for the last of the throwing dice games has been posted, Extended Game, Game Four: Elements of Art.

In an attempt to find samples to post, it has become clear to me that I do not view myself as the director of my own paintings.  I allow the paintings to direct me.  That is not always a bad thing, in fact, I rather like it that way.

In order to push my work to the next level, I need to be able to play both parts, to act as a director and to act as a channel for the expression of my subconscious experiences of life.

My life as an artist becomes more exciting and fulfilling each day.