On Tuesday I created my first six monoprints. They will, most definitely, not be my last.

Monoprint No. 6

With eight of us crammed around the table working from the same piles of black, white, magenta, cyan and yellow piles of ink, it was difficult to be fussy about choosing and mixing colors.  My first five prints taught me a great deal and pleased me only minimally.  I wanted my last one to have a bit of dynamic movement and for that, I needed to have color contrast.  My favorite, foolproof color contrast (also a powerful value contrast duo) is yellow and purple.

For this print I ripped two squares of newsprint paper and two irregular smaller shapes of paper.  I inked all four and placed them on the plexi plate on top of the two ghost images from the previous two prints.  The clarity of the fibers along the torn edges of the squares is incredible!  I would have loved to make one more, using the ghost images of the squares….. but time ran out.