Applying what I learn forces me to take giant steps rather than baby steps….. or maybe it’s umbrella steps I’m taking.  “Mother, may I?”.  Yes, I may ….. and it’s about time I did!

Family Treasures No. 19, ink drawing

Mother May I was a game we played in the 1950’s.  Just about every evening throughout the summer, all the kids in the neighborhood gathered in someone’s yard to play games.  Generally it was Hide’N’Seek, Statue, or Mother May IMother May I seemed quite unfair to me, but that’s another matter. The Mother had total control over who could reach her first!

Though I could easily alter the reality of the objects I drew, I want to hold to the reality of the 1959, Lafayette, Indiana postal stamp as well as the reality of the Glass Lady.  (I was born in West Lafayette, Indiana)  That means that the three colors I must use are Red, Blue and Green.  I could bend it a bit to choose a modified triad with two spaces between the hues or I could choose an analogous with one complement (yellow/green to blue with red/orange as the complement).  The results could be and most likely would be very different.  I’m leaning toward the second choice, Analogous with one complement.

Sketchbook Drawing: drawn with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Black Ink to prevent excessive bleed.  Noodler’s Black ink is extremely permanent.