Nicole and I attended the current Van Gogh exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Grasses and Butterflies by Van Gogh, 1890

Grasses and Butterflies nearly knocked me off my feet.  Though I have seen Van Gogh’s work numerous times, I felt that I was seeing it for the very first time yesterday.  Playing the Color Scheme Day has expanded my experience of color in unexpected ways.  Not only do I see my surrounding differently, I also see other artists’ work through new eyes.  Work I never noticed now screams at me.  Work I previously admired I find lacking.  I have grown.  I can only hope that my work will reflect my growth.

Grasses and Butterflies by Van Gogh in Grayscale mode

Notice how strong Grasses and Butterflies still is when transformed into Grayscale mode.

The exhibit focused on the paintings created during the last few years of Van Gogh’s life.  I will carry the inspiration out into the field as I paint this spring.