The Game is about making choices and becoming aware that choices must be made whether you like it or not. Embracing and accepting the truth behind that statement is far easier if it is presented in the form of play. Taking responsibility for making choices is far more fun when playing than when working. Learning becomes a joyful experience.

Samples of Various Grayscale Value Range Options, "Seed Packets"

Every shape is specific. It has a size and it has a value. It may or may not have a hue. That hue may be warm or cool, saturated or neutralized. Every time you make a mark, you make a decision either consciously or not.

The challenge of working in color will be more pleasurable when you understand the importance of choosing values for your shapes whether you are painting still life, landscape, portrait or abstract.  Honing your grayscale skills, combined with knowing the local value of specific colors will serve you well when standing before your canvas.  You will have strong tools to help you create the paintings you envision.

Link to The Game – Throwing to Determine Grayscale Value Range

The above samples began with a Five-Shape line drawing:

"Seed Packets", Five Shape Line Drawing used for the grayscale value range examples.