Here is another sample of the double complementary color scheme I used at the Raven’s Nest Blues Jam on Wednesday night.

Arne Englund and Don Plowman, Raven's Nest Blues Jam

The dominant complements are purple / yellow.  The supporting complements are blue / orange.  The two are united by the red tone in the ink line that bleeds nicely into each of the colors, acting as a mother color.  Several years ago, after reading Stephen Quiller’s Painter’s Guide to Color, I was inspired to try using a mother color to unite my palette.

Painting: Painted on location during the weekly Blues Jam at Raven’s Nest, Quakertown, PA.  First drawn with dip pen using Noodler’s Black Swan in English Roses Ink, followed by watercolor

I’m getting to like primary colors.

Justin Brady playing at the Blues Jam

When painting in the dark at the Blues Jam I’m not overly concerned about color reality.  A lot of musicians wear black.  A lot of musicians wear blue jeans.  One thing I love about Roberto is that he wears light-colored shirts that give me the opportunity to play with light valued colors against everyone else’s darks.

But…. there he was, young Justin Brady in a bright blue shirt, bright red shorts and playing a glossy white guitar.  How could I help but make his flesh yellow?

Drawn first in ink with a dip pen, followed by watercolor. Painted on site during the Tuesday Night, Todd Wolfe Blues Jam at the Larry Holmes Ringside Restaurant in Easton, Pa.