I ended up drawing several variations of the laminated wood salt and pepper shakers.

Trumpet Parts No. 85 with Laminated Wood Salt Shaker

When I travel, I bring my favorite trumpet part, “T2P2”, with me.  It hung out on the table with the salt and pepper shaker, urging me to keep drawing all those laminated layers!  I liked the ink bleed in the previous attempts, but it only worked well in the wider layers.  The ink overpowered the color in the thinner layers.  I drew this in pencil first and applied brighter colors to create a more realistic rendering of the salt shaker.  I even used perspective to draw in the ovals at different intervals and diameters before indicating the lines of the thin layers.  Whew…. I haven’t done that in a long time.

Sketchbook drawing/painting: drawn first with pencil followed by watercolor washes.

I’m back.  Great trip!  No bugs until the last day!

Multiple attempts at drawing the Laminated Wood Pepper Mill

Before heading out to the marshes for a good eight hours of plein hour painting, I sat at the table sipping strong coffee, gazing out at the Wicomico River and drawing the laminated Pepper Mill, sometimes with my little traveling trumpet part and sometimes all by itself.  What is striking about this pepper mill is that it is constructed of laminated wood slices that have been stained different colors of reds, greens, blues and yellows.

Sketchbook Drawing: Drawn with fountain pen filled with black ink followed by watercolor.