In reality, the fork was black.

Pasta Demonstration & Luncheon

Thursdays are spent with my father.  He suffers dementia and lives in an assisted living facility.  Fortunately the facility has daily activities and events that provide entertainment for the residents as well as the neighboring community.  This past Thursday Chef Mike demonstrated the method of making fresh pasta.  The tables were set with a plate of dipping oil for the bread along with four brightly striped napkins and black, plastic forks.  How could I resist?

When I’m with my father I have to keep my sketching extremely basic so that I can stop at any given moment without frustration.  The fork and napkin provided a perfect still life to draw without getting fussy about detail.  With the Color Scheme Game in mind I altered the color of the plastic fork in spite of the fact that I adore the combination of red and black.  Chef Mike was making both tomato and spinach pasta.  I felt it only fitting for the napkin to represent the tomato pasta and the fork to represent the spinach pasta.  Red and green are, of course, a complementary color scheme.

Drawn first with fountain pen filled with black ink, followed by watercolor.