The monthly Ink Drop samples arrived yesterday.

Rooting Oxalis, Extended Analogous Color Scheme

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This month’s selection is five of Goulet Pens’ worst selling inks.  As soon as I receive the inks I put them through my bleed test. I was startled by the immediate permanence of Noodler’s Summer Tanager ink.  Even before my cup of coffee this morning I had to try it out, both with dip pen and fountain pen.  I love it!  It feathers a bit too much when used with a dip pen, but with a fountain pen it is perfect.  I leave tomorrow for New Hampshire and Maine and will definitely bring along my blue fountain pen filled with the lovely orange ink, not for the color but for the permanence (being a color other than black).  For delicate herbs, the orange color might be excellent.

Sketchbook painting:  Drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Summer Tanager Ink followed by watercolor using an extended analogous color scheme (Violet through yellow/orange, omitting red).