Why play a silly game?  I do it to avoid procrastination and to conserve my energy for drawing and painting instead of wasting it on early morning decision making that can lead to procrastination.

Six-sided and twelve-sided dice

If I were to think about what it was I wanted to draw rather than grab an item on my way to the morning coffee pot, I would never make it to the coffee pot.  If I were to think about what colors and color scheme I wanted to use after drawing my initial ink contour sketch, especially if I wanted to try something different, I would pour myself a second or third mug of coffee and begin listening to the demon in the corner who is whispering that I could be making a better choice.  Once I did make a decision I would be thinking I should have made a different decision the entire time I was painting.  I remember reading somewhere that Georgia O-Keeffe wore only black so that she didn’t have to waste time and energy deciding what to wear each day. I feel the same way about my morning drawing.  I don’t want to have to think about it too hard, I simply want to begin the day with pen or brush in hand.

I invented the Color Scheme Game for my own use. I share it because I think it might be useful to other artists, too, at all levels. Beginners can easily learn about color schemes and basic elements of art.  Professional artists can easily break old habits and explore new territory.

The most important rule is to have fun, to enjoy the time spent with your sketchbook, your pen, your brush and your colors.

Sketchbook Morning Drawing: drawn first with Waterman Phileas Fountain Pen filled with Noodler’s Black Ink followed by watercolor.

I threw the twelve-sided die twice.  It came up “7” both times.  The color scheme is a #7 – Analogous with one complement.  The Dominant Color is #7 – Purple.

Obviously I did not make the purple the strongest color.  I used the dominant color and its complement (yellow) for the background color and the shadow.  I used the colors adjacent to the dominant color (Red-purple and Blue-purple) for the dice.  In this case I had my bag of dice as my subject and chose red dice and blue die after throwing for my color scheme.