Continuing to play the “Seasonal” version of The Color Scheme Game ….

Glass Inkwells No. 12

Playing the Seasonal version of The Color Scheme Game triggers different creative activity in my brain.  It’s perfect for bridging the gap between my morning drawing exercises and my larger work.  I find I search harder for what I want and try to fix that image on the canvas of my mind, not permitting myself to veer off into another direction of color mood.  The glass inkwells work well for this exercise.  They act like chameleons.

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first with fountain pen, followed by watercolor

Another set of rules …. to be broken, of course ….

Glass Inkwells No. 9, Hiding  …

The goal has always been to increase my Color Vocabulary and to use that expanded vocabulary in my plein air and studio work.  My morning color exercises are so much fun for me that it is not unusual to spend the entire day playing The Color Scheme game instead of grabbing my plein air bag and heading outside.  The Painting The Seasons variation is meant to bridge the gap between my morning exercises and easel painting.  It can be played with or without throwing for a color scheme.  I do not throw for a dominant color since the colors are determined by the season and the time of day.  Neutrals are determined by the real or imagined weather conditions.

The drawing above is  “Autumn Evening”, indicated by nine dots on the twelve-sided die.

#1 … Spring Morning

#2 … Spring Afternoon

#3 … Spring Evening

#4 … Summer Morning

#5 … Summer Afternoon

#6 … Summer Evening

#7 … Autumn Morning

#8 … Autumn Afternoon

#9 … Autumn Evening

#10 … Winter Morning

#11 … Winter Afternoon

#12 … Winter Evening

Sketchbook Drawing:  Drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Black Ink, followed by watercolor washes using a palette that relates to the colors seen as the sun is going down on a crisp evening in autumn.