Art can be about creating believable illusions.

Star Ornament

The geometric overlay shapes don’t really make sense.  If the circles and the yellow square were translucent acetate sheets, where the yellow square overlaps the red circle, the circle would appear orange through the yellow square.  Where the yellow square overlaps the blue circle, the circle would look green.  The only way you might see part of the blue circle looking blue would be if the yellow square had that shape cut out of it so that the blue color of the circle could be seen.  The blue circle would have to be opaque to block the red circle from being seen.  Sometimes reality doesn’t matter.  I like the blue shape and it was fun playing with the primary and secondary colors.

Sketchbook Drawing: drawn first with pencil followed by watercolor.

Moving forward on bringing it all together …

Trumpet Parts No. 78, Transparent Planes

Once again, reality is only a starting point.  As I began to lay in color, I needed additional shapes to control the movement of the eye through the painting.  Reality is only relative anyway.

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first in pencil followed by watercolor.  Erasing pencil line does not work well in my handmade sketchbook with the Rives paper.

Color Scheme: Analagous with one complement – Yellow, Yellow/Orange, Orange with violet.  I used only Cadmium Lemon for my yellow.  Cadmium Yellow is too opaque for transparent layers in this sketch.  The violet is a mix of alizarin crimson and french ultramarine blue, also for transparency.