The Extended Game, Throwing for shapes:

Game One, throwing for shapes - Trumpet Parts

Choose an object or a scene from life, not from a photograph.  (Use a photograph if you must, but I strongly urge you to work from life.)

Throw the die or dice and divide your drawing into the number of shapes indicated on the die.  I suggest limiting your shapes to no more than six the first few times you play the game.

Repeat this exercise, working quickly without concern about the way in which you are dividing the drawings.  After creating many of these little sketches, take a break and review what you have done paying close attention to your response to them.  Which ones do you like?  Which ones do you dislike and which ones do you neither like or dislike?

The image shows two variations of dividing drawing into one, two, three, four, five and six shapes.  Each shape, in the next stage, is assigned a value (or value range).  That is the next throw of the die.  A “ONE” indicates only one value for the entire drawing or painting.  Colors may change and the value shift slightly in an open form manner.  Examples will be posted in the near future.

2 Responses to “The Extended Game, throwing for shapes”

  1. susangeckle Says:

    This game would work well for children. Children love games and art. This would combine the two.

    1. Chris Carter Says:

      I totally agree. I also believe that adults learn more easily and thoroughly through game playing. Games help us to get past our mental blocks and ingrained habits.

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