Color Scheme Game Workshop Supplies

Color Scheme Game, Color Value and Extended Game Workshops

All workshops may be scheduled as either one day or multiple day workshops.  When Multiple-Day Workshops are scheduled, they may be combined and customized to fit the needs and desires of the group. when multiple day sessions are scheduled.

Color Scheme Game Workshop: Each student takes home mini game cards, dice, sketchbook and color wheel templates!

Goal: To introduce simple methods to sharpen skills in drawing, painting and mixing color using minimal materials and everyday objects. Skills are taught by playing variations of The Color Scheme.

Line, value, color and composition are all part of the game. Working in sketchbooks is encouraged as a daily activity. A sketchbook with pen, waterbrush and paint can be taken anywhere without mess or fuss. The more you draw and paint, the more fun you have and the better artist you become.

Demonstrations will be done throughout the workshop showing a variety of techniques and styles.

Students of all levels may participate and will be challenged at the level of their abilities.

Contact Chris Carter for pricing and scheduling.

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