Link to information on Extended Game Workshops.

In addition to the Color Scheme Game, the dice may be thrown to challenge both beginner and professional artist to hone other skills necessary for creating and executing strong, expressive works of art.

Links to suggested rules and sample illustrations are at the end of each listing.

Game One – Basic shapes:
  Using either one six-sided die, one twelve-sided die or two-six-sided dice, determine how many basic shapes the drawing will be divided into.  I suggest limiting it to one die if you are a beginner or if you are an experienced artist attempting to simplify compositions.  Link to Rules and Samples for Game One

Game Two – Value Scale:  Game two has two variations, Variation A and Variation B. Link to Rules and Samples for Game Two.

Game Three – Compositional Arrangements:  Throw die to determine one of six compositional arrangements. Link to rules and Samples for Game Three.

Game Four – Elements of Art: Throw die to determine one, two or three dominant elements.  Link to Rules and Samples for Game Four

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